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Mom creates Blog about HHF son - "Look what he can do!"

Any Worthingtonites see some familiar faces in their mailbox today? :) Be sure and read the article about Little Alouette just after the one about us, because I wrote it - my first published article! :)Patti Simmons decided to create a blog ( about her 5-year-son, Tate. Every day, she posts a picture of him doing age-appropirate 'normal' things - just like his pals.  Now, every time he starts a new school, she says, "This is a good way to put something out there that he could show other kids or I can send to parents. That way we don't have to do quite as much educating." (excerpt from an article in The Worthington more at:  What a great idea and lots of fun! 

The Simmons family also formed THE NUB CLUB OF CENTERAL OHIO (  Join their Facebook page and come meet other families in the Ohio area!

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