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Music RECORDER Solution - Be Part of the excitement!!


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- Looking for HHF kids/adults to test out prototypes!  

Recorders for All: A New Solution - by Valerie Peters (recorder made by Peter Worrell)


When children are born with a limb differences, parents have many concerns. How will they tie their shoes? How will they drive a car? Will they be teased at school? Often times, when the children are in third or fourth grade, there is another question:


How will they play the recorder in music class?


The current solutions are hard to find, unintuitive, or prohibitively expensive. Still, many music education programs include a unit on the recorder and it is important for the child with a limb difference to be included. How can this be done?


I am excited to promote a new project called “Recorders for All”! I have partnered with engineers at Makers4Good to create customized keys for soprano recorder that can be 3D printed. Our goal is to create files for each key of the recorder.  Users will choose which keys they need, print them, glue them to a recorder, and play!


This project was inspired by my own customized recorder, which has keys on holes 4 and 5. Since I can press both keys with my left pinky, I can play the entire range of the instrument.


My instrument (pictured above - made by Peter Worrell) is beautiful, yet it is too expensive to be practical for the average elementary school student. We are working to create an affordable solution to customize recorders in any configuration.


Right now, the engineers and I are working on key design. We are looking for children and adults with limb differences to test out prototypes!


Send an email to:


Learn more at the Recorders For All project page or at my new blog on instrument adaptations:


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