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2016 Winter Outing-Jan 22-24 - RECAP

How can we explain the 2016 Winter Outing in words?  With guest speakers, Jessica Cox (a pilot born without arms) and Adrian Anantawan (a concert violinist born with one hand), we were ALL totally blown away!  You couldn't hear a pin drop during their presentations (even the little ones were mesmerized!).  We are so grateful to all of our wonderful volunteers who made it possible (Valerie Peters for connecting us to Adrian; 

Sue & Katie Moloney for our creative crafts both Friday and Saturday; Nancy & Ken Desilits for creating Mitts That Fit for our HHF kids; along with so many others who made our weekend extra special).  Of course, enormous praise goes to Dayna Waskiewicz for her tireless efforts in pulling all of the logistics together to make this one of the BEST events ever :)  If you were there, you know it's hard to explain the intense happiness floating around and the bonds created.  If you weren't there, we will be sharing pics and videos of the weekend with you so you can share with your kids and family.  We love you all and can't wait to see you again! Please stay in touch through our private FB page: or email comments/suggestions to  Happy & Healthy 2016 to all!

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