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HHF Mom Writes Article for Parent Magazine About Her Son

Our family have been members of Helping Hands for many years when our son, Sam, was younger. I've staying in touch over the years, out of gratitude and admiration for all you guys have accomplished and the wonderful service you did for us and others.

I wanted to let you know that I've written an article about Sam, and the lessons we learned from watching him grow up with one hand. It's in the October issue of PARENTS MAGAZINE, under my writing name, Michelle Blake... 

I've already heard from a few parents from around the country and I am referring them all to you guys. Perhaps you will end up with some new members. Hope all is going well. And, again, many thanks. We still feel such warmth and gratitude for all we gained when we were active.

Best wishes, Michelle (mother of Sam McFarland) -

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