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Harry and Willy and Carrothead
by Judith Caseley
Born without a lower left arm, Harry is a lively, confident, and lovable child. His red-headed friend Oscar is not so self-assured and is easily embarrassed by taunts of carrothead.  Harry stands up to Willy, Oscar's tormentor, and soon the three are best friends. Bright, attractive watercolors. 
Reading level: Ages 4-8

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Center for Limb Differences
Mary Free Bed Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
235 Wealthy St.  SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 454-7988  Fax: (616) 454-3939
Publishes a series of handbooks for children with hand differences and their teachers.

Type With One Hand, 3rd Edition: Textbook
by Jerry W., Ed.D. Robinson, Nina K. Richardson

This text provides individuals with the use of only one hand with a keyboard approach to develop the skills and techniques necessary to type with speed and accuracy.

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Oliver's High Five
By Beverly Swerdlow Brown
Health Publishers; ISBN 0929173260
Oliver Octopus has only five arms, but a positive attitude which leads to a successful resolution to his lack of job problem in the book.  
Reading Level: Ages 4 -8.

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No Photo Available How It Feels To Live With A Physical Disability
By Jill Krementz
Simon and Schuster (Out of Print)
Fifth book in How It Feels series, chronicles twelve children and their various physical challenges.  Includes several children with arm and leg anomalies.
Fanny (Serendipity Series) 
by Stephen Cosgrove
Price Stern Sloan Publishers; ISBN 0843114606
Fanny is a cat with three legs, avoided by other animals on the farm.  A good book for young children dealing with the social aspects of disabilities.
Uncommon Champions : Fifteen Athletes Who Battled Back
by Mary Kaminsky;  Boyds Mills Printing ISBN 1563977877
Fifteen athletes are profiles who faced adversity and fought back.
Reading Level : Ages 11 - 14 
No Photo Available Jim Abbott: Against All Odds
by E. White
Scholastic Inc.; ISBN 0590435035
A Scholastic biography on Jim Abbott, baseball pitcher born without his right hand.
Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul - Stories of Triumphing Over Life's Obstacles 
by Jack Canfield
Health Communications; ISBN 1558746986
Full of Heartwarming stories about people faced with disabilities of all kinds.

Playing from the Heart
by Roger Crawford, Michael Bowker;
ISBN: 0761504400

Crawford is a member of the United States Professional Tennis Association who lacks hands, has only three fingers, is missing one leg, and had to have half the other leg amputated to accommodate walking and running prostheses. The story begins with his parents' shocked acceptance of their imperfect baby; continues with Roger's struggles to walk, to dress himself and accomplish various physical tasks, to gain social acceptance, to perfect his athletic talents; and culminates in his marriage and public speaking career. The book reads well and is hopeful, cheerful, and credible. An inspiring, courageous autobiography.

Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

by David McKee; ISBN: 0688091717
Elmer the patchwork elephant is the clown of the herd; he feels unhappy because he is always laughed at. So he manages to become elephant-colored but finds he misses being the center of the fun.
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Captain Hook, That's Me
By Ada Bass Litchfield

ISBN: 0802764452
Reading level: Ages 4-8

Third-grader Judy, who can run and skate and do lots of things well, is afraid the children in her new school will feel sorry for her because she has a steel hook instead of a left hand.

Don't Call Me Special:
A First Look at Disability

by Pat Thomas, Lesley Harker (Illustrator)

ISBN: 0764121189
Reading level: Ages 4-8

This delightful picture book explores questions and concerns about physical disabilities in a simple and reassuring way. Younger children can find out about individual disabilities, special equipment that is available to help the disabled, and how people of all ages can deal with disabilities and live happy and full lives. Titles in this series for younger children explore emotional issues that boys and girls encounter as part of the growing-up process.

Written by psychotherapist and counselor Pat Thomas, A First Look At books promote positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers, and encourage kids to ask questions and confront social and emotional questions that sometimes present problems. Books feature appealing full-color illustrations on every page plus a page of advice to parents and teachers.

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The view from down here is just fine
By Clay Dyer

"A quadriplegic young man from Alabama who went on to become a professional bass fisherman. It is a very inspirational story told from his parent's total surprise at birth, to what he is doing in his life today." Reviewed By Martha Layman

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