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OT - Typing with one hand - by Lilly Walters

I hope you will find this interesting, as I did today.  I am fortunate that I can use my "less-able" hand to operate the SHIFT key on my keyboard.  But many cannot.  It really slows down your typing speed when you have to use the full hand to do that SHIFT key. I have often wished that those who cannot use their 2nd hand for the shift, could put a trackball on the ground, and program a button to the the SHIFT.  Then, they could use their foot to do SHIFT and mouse functions.  But, I have been told for years that it was not possible. Just today I heard from Logitech, who creates an inexpensive trackball, that it can be done!  Mind you, I have not tried this, but I am so excited that it might work!

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Sun, 01/01/2012

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