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Helping Hands Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. Please consider contributing your time and talents to our endeavors. Contact:

HHF Outings/Events - Note: At this time, two of our family outings/events are held in the New England area (January & July); one in N. CA (Spring); one in S. CA (Fall). Postions needed include: Co-Chair of Summer Outing held in MA in July; Photography at winter (January) and summer (July) outings in MA; Volunteering at any of our events to plan/book activities, organize games for children, coordinate volunteer efforts and assist throughtout the day.

We would also be delighted to have your remote assistance with:

Fund Raising Efforts – This does not have to be a daunting task. It can be as simple as writing a letter to family/friends encouraging them to consider a donation to HHF as part of their annual giving (we can provide sample letters) – or ask your employer to match your donation to HHF - or locate other companies who give to 501(c)(3) charities (also see ‘locating grants’ on this page). Other ideas to raise awareness include local golf tournaments, fun runs, lemonade stands, in-home parties, and raffles. Once you start thinking about it, there are lots of great ways to help! Volunteer time needed: varies

Grant Writing - Whether you have experience in this field, or would like to get educated in grant writing (we are willing to send you to classes: see schedule by state at or you know of a wonderful grant writer, please contact us immediately. Once a grant is located (also see ‘locating grants’ on this page), we need your help to share our inspirational story and continue to provide support and services to our many wonderful families and their children with upper limb loss! Volunteer time needed: varies depending on grant requirements

Locating Grants - There is grant money out there just waiting to be found and utilized by non-profit organizations such as HHF. Large companies (Target, Sears, Allstate, US Government, etc.) as well as smaller ones (Panera, prosthetists/hospitals, Harvard Pilgrim, local shops, grocery chains, etc.) offer grants/donations to 501(c)(3) charities - we just need to find them! Volunteer hours: 2 hours per month

Researching articles/stories of interest – Do you love searching the Web and learning about new technologies (prosthet devices, one-handed instruments/keyboards, etc.), locating informative websites and blogs, reading inspirational books/articles to share with other HHF families? If so, we are looking for a team of folks to help keep us up to date with ‘what’s new and happening’ in the world of limb loss. Volunteer time needed: one hour per week

Welcome New Members (HHF Members Only) – Remember how relieved you felt when you had your first contact with a HHF family either by phone, email or at an outing? This is your chance to be that same inspiration. Once you sign up to be part of our welcoming team, you can begin sharing your own uplifting experiences while offering guidance and answering questions/concerns of new HHF families. It’s a great way to give back! Volunteer time needed: varies depending on # of new members

Share your own story/send photos – We all have something to share to other HHF families. Write it down! For example: how do you answer questions when ask about your child’s limb difference, what is the best advice you would offer new HHF parents, has your child accomplished something that amazed you, how did you prepare for the first day of school, did you choose a prosthetic device for your child, did your child do a project about limb loss, how does your child answer questions, what have you learned from your amazing HHF child? Just think about giving another family or child peace of mind, guidance and hope – and it only takes a moment! Send to

Special Camps/Events for HHF kids – There are lots of camps and activities specially designed for HHF children. We need your help keeping our families informed about camps (Camp No Limits, ACA Youth Camp, Hands To Love), events (HHF outings, ACA conference, HHF family gatherings in U.S., First Swing activities), sign-up deadlines, along with dates and details about the outings. There are plenty of resources out there to find events for our HHF kids (and their families). Volunteer time needed: 1 hour per month

Inspirational speakers/mentors – At our outings (2x/year), we invite inspirational speakers and mentors to join us. It is very beneficial for our families to meet thriving, accomplished children/teens/adults - enabling them to flash forward several years and envision their child’s future to be positive and optimistic. We need your help locating and connecting with role models who will benefit our group as a whole. Volunteer hours: 1 hour per month

Marketing – We are in the process of creating a HHF brochure and flyers to distribute to local hospitals, doctors, prosthetists and need help from HHF parents to make this piece of marketing material parent-friendly.  Together, we can come up with what is important for new members (or potential new members) to know about our organization.  Whether you have experience writing or in the marketing field or not, we can use your help.  This is a project vs. an on-going task.  Do you want to help promote our wonderful group?

Getting the word out about HHF – We need your help locating hospitals, doctors and prosthetists who need to know about our group – in an effort to reach new HHF parents as soon as possible. We know how important it is to get immediate support and questions answered by others who have walked in your shoes. This would require researching U.S. children’s hospitals, hand surgeons and prosthetists and making sure they have our brochures and current contact information. Volunteer time needed: 2 hours per month


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