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Unstoppable (book) - Amazing Bionic Animals by Nancy Furstinger

UNSTOPPABLE True Stories of Amazing Bionic Animals  by Nancy FurstingerThese inspiring stories are just three of the many bionic animals Nancy Furstinger profiles in Unstoppable—all of whom make their way around with the help of prosthetics, braces, orthotics, and wheelchairs. While reading these stories of perseverance and hope, readers will meet the caretakers, prosthetists, vets, and loving families who help to make the recovery of these remarkable animals possible. Furstinger offers a glimpse into the exciting technologies, such as 3D printing and brain-controlled prosthetics, that are helping to improve the lives of animals and humans alike.

As Nancy writes, “These uplifting stories show that physically challenged animals can adapt to almost any circumstance. They celebrate what it means to be considered ‘different,’ and demonstrate that there’s no such thing as normal.”


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