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Destiny's Ride - Equestrian Program in Western MA

Therapeutic Equestrian Program Striving to enrich the Lives of Many Step by Step. 

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Therapeutic Equestrian Program Striving to enrich the Lives of Many Step by Step. Open to all Riders ~ Traditional & Non-Tradition.sue No.
      Destiny's Ride
Fall's Newsletter
Back in the Saddle
What is Therapeutic Riding
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  • Community Resources for people with Autism ~ We would like to welcome our newest students from Community Resources for people with Autism ~ This is our 6th session with a new crew of 8 riders all learning to ride. We are already in full swing and everyone is doing Fantastic!!
  • Special Olympics ~ On October 16th Destiny's Ride & 3 of our riders were in attendance at the Special Olympics at Equus in Williamstown, Ma. We were all excited to have the opportunity to be part of the fun this year. It was a great afternoon filled with lots of smiles and laughter. We want to congratulate Buddy, Jake & Victoria you all did a Great job. We were proud of every rider that participated this year, and Special Thanks for Equus who did a Fantastic job in hosting the event this year.. Thank you Sandy and your wonderful team of volunteers
  • Volunteers Needed ~ We are in need of horse leaders and side walkers for the following days & times Sundays starting at 8:30 until 12:00 ~ Mondays 5:00-730 ~ Tuesdays 5:00-7:00 (sometimes until 6:00) ~ Friday's 4:30-6:00 Any help is greatly appreciated. Please contact Jodie at 413.717.5523 if you can help any of these days.
  • Room to Grow - As we prepare to grow the program to accommodate at least 50 students a week, and start a camp program next summer we are in search for a barn that will be able to accommodate up to 5 horses, with a tack-room and office / recreational area for indoor activities. We are still researching to begin a Veterans program within the next 2 years as well.



Dear Patti,
Welcome Back ~ We are back in full swing with our newsletters providing updates, volunteer opportunities and much more.. We have spent the last year growing our clientele, we welcomed King to our family who is an Appendix Quarter horse who is much taller than Cayden, in addition we have temporarily moved to Lanesboro, while we search for a location that will enable us to grow to accommodate more horses and riders. .
Warmest Regards,
Jodie O'Connell
Founder & Executive Director
Destiny's Ride Therapeutic Equestrian Program


What is therapeutic riding ~ and who can benefit from it?
One may ask What exactly is therapeutic riding, and Who can benefit from it? Therapeutic riding is an individualized program of learning to ride a horse which takes into account a person's physical, mental, and emotional strengths and limitations. Many people when they think of therapeutic riding, think of Autism, ADHD, Down's syndrome or even Cerebral Palsy. Most think that you need to have some form of physical, emotional, mental or social limitation in order to benefit from therapeutic horseback riding, when in fact it's the exact opposite.

Everyone benefits from horses. Whether you are just grooming them or you take a leisurely ride just to reconnect with yourself and the horse. A horse manifests many healing qualities which is why some will say that they feel fantastic after just being around them full of energy and vitality. I have ridden Cayden on days where I felt stressed and overwhelmed & it's like he took it all from me and I can face the world again fully refreshed and invigorated. So horseback riding is therapeutic for everyone!!

Come experience the wonderful world of horses either alone or with your best friend, we will customize your time with the horses to your liking, whether it be coming in to ride for the first time, or after many years since you last rode due to following your dream or raising a family, or maybe you would like the whole kit & caboodle with grooming, tacking up and turning them back out after a wonderful ride.

The choice is yours, but I hope you take the opportunity to discover horses and the wonderful healing they provide to each and every one of us

About Us
Destiny's Ride is a Massachusetts nonprofit organization currently persuing our 501 C3 status. We rely on the generous donations through In kind donations and sponsorships to help cover the overhead costs to provide a successful program to all those who want to discover the inner joy, peace, happiness & healing through the unspoken words of the horse.


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