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If there is every a question I can answer for a family, I am happy to help!  My name is Charles Goldfarb -  an orthopaedic hand surgeon with a subspecialty of congenital anomalies. I work at the St Louis Shriners Hospital and the St Louis Childrens Hospital. Helping Hands Foundation website is a great reference for my patients -

I have a blog that I have been working on with approximately a 1x/ week post with information about congenital anomalies. It remains a work in progress. These posts might be interesting to HHF followers.  I am here to help answer any questions about upper limb loss and medical options.

Charles A. Goldfarb, MD
Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine



Heidi Wheeler's picture

Hi there!
im new to this, as just found out last week that my son will be born missing a finger or 2 on his left hand. I was wondering, how common is it for this to only happen on the one hand? I was told all other feet/hand are fine and every other aspect is perfect. . . baby wouldn't sit still so she said she couldn't tell me exactly if it was one or two missing, would you be able/willing to look at the 2 US pics she sent me home with?? I don't get to see my OB for another 2 weeks and its really difficult news to receive, in addition to all the uncertainty I'm quite scared :( im a single mamma. thanks so much!

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