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Helping Hands Foundation is a non-profit organization that totally relies on donations from its families and friends. Because of our outstanding volunteers, 100% of your donation goes directly to The Foundation to continue its wonderful work. Making an online donation is a quick, easy, and secure way to support our organization and the work that we do.

We appreciate your generous contribution and look forward to serving current and new members!

The information you give us in connection with this donation will be used only to process the transaction, and to send you a thank-you note and a complimentary issue of our newsletter. If you make a donation in someone's honor and provide a mailing address for that person or for their family, we will send the honoree a note informing them that you made a donation in their honor.

Monthly Donations

We depend on donations to make sure we can provide the support for our families each month. Help us continue to reach out and support families of children with upper limb loss by signing up for a recurring donation! A recurring donation is easy to set up and automatically goes to your credit card each month so you can help provide a steady income for out outreach without having to worry about making separate donations each month.

Create a Monthly donation Today! 

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