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The Simple Dollar - U.S. Social Security Benefits at a glance
We found that most people who have become or already living with disabilities are not fully aware of the benefits and resources that are available to them. So, our team spent weeks reviewing the US Social Security Administration's documentation to develop our 2016 Disability Benefit Guide. This guide breaks down qualifications and the application process, as well as a provides a calculator that can help estimate monthly and annual benefits.

You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here:


UCSF Limb Study

A Study to identify the genetic causes of limb malformations

We are looking for individuals with isolated limb malformations. We are looking for anyone with syndactyly (fused or webbed fingers/toes), polydactyly (>5 fingers/toes), split hand and foot also called ectrodactyly, reduction anomalies (<5 fingers/toes), brachydactyly (short fingers/toes), clinodactyly (bent pinky fingers), arachnodactyly (extra long fingers), camptodactyly (flexed fingers), club foot, congenital radioulnar synostosis, or congenital radial head dislocation.


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