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About Us

"Every year, 1 out of 2,000 children in the United States is born with an upper limb anomaly. During childhood, many more lose hands and arms to accidents ordisease."

Our Mission

We have as a continuous goal, to provide support, share experiences and supply information to parents, affected children and their siblings.  We choose to focuson the individual child and the challenges they may face.  We emphasize their abilities, not their disabilities.

In our support work, we often may inform families of regional services and resources that are available, but we do not  endorse any specific institution or medicaltreatment.

One of our priorities is to reach parents of the newborn with an upper limb anomaly.  New parents can be given hope and encouragement through our extendednetwork of parents.

If you are a parent, professional or interested person and want to learn more about Helping Hands Foundation, Inc. please send an email Thank you.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Helping Hands Foundation is to provide parent-to-parent support and information.  Often times, a phone call or email is all it takes to putparents at ease in those early days as they deals with their child's upper limb difference.  We are here to listen, answer questions and share our own experiences.Additionally, we offer two (2) family outings each year for the entire family to enjoy. A special bond often develops between parents, affected children and theirsiblings when families get together to share ideas and experiences. These social events offer an informal atmosphere for parents to meet each other and forchildren to interact with one another. In addition, relevant topics and issues are addressed through our website and speakers.

Boards of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of parents of who have children with upper limb differences, professionals in the field of limb loss and a HHF member since 1988 representing the 900+ other children in our group with upper limb differences.  Our goal is to keep HHF alive and thriving with new programs and ideas while ensuring that all monies are being utilized to best support our many families throughout the U.S.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments about our group and its mission. (  Thank you.

Bill Binette, Co-Founder

Chariman of the Board of Directors; HHF Son (RAE) born 1983

Chris & Owen Boyd, Co-Founders

Board of Directors Members; HHF Son (LBE) born 1983

Patti Garofalo, President

Board of Directors Member; HHF Daughter (LBE) born 1992

Nancy Soucy, Secretary

Board of Directors Member; HHF Son (Poland Syndrome) 1993

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If you are a parent, professional or interested person and want to learn more about Helping Hands Foundation, Inc. please send an email to:

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