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Each year, more and more books about limb difference and with limb-different characters are published.  The Helping Hands Foundation has a collection of these books available for members to borrow. 

Check out our current catalogue here. 

If you know of a title we do not currently have, please let us know, or you can donate a copy!

Recent Additions:

Co-written by 2024 Helping Hands Guest Speaker, Sarah Tuberty, The Hand Book is a comprehensive guide for families.  Sarah uses her knowledge as a limb-different OT along with pediatric hand surgeon, Nina Lightdale-Miric, to provide information about everything from vocabulary to medical procedures to social considerations.  This is an excellent resource to empower families to raise confident children who find the courage to follow their passions.

What Happened to You?, released in 2023, is a story of a child with one leg playing at a playground.  Written by a limb-different author, this story features a common experience for people with limb differences: lots of questions.  You can learn more about the author here.

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