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Superhero Cyborgs - Build your own Prosthetics

Superhero Cyborgs is a build-your-own prosthetics workshop for Helping Hands Foundation (HHF) children* & their siblings from ages 7-16. This exciting workshop will take place July 14th-18th at the Brown University School of Engineering (the week prior to HHF's Summer Outing on July 19 & 20)! Spots are limited - only 30 openings are available

Enroll your HHF child before May 15th to receive a $100 tuition discount! See details below.

HHF Summer Outing - July 19 & 20, 2014

The two days of summer fun for HHF is fast approaching.  Please save the date now, for an exciting weekend. 

More information will be sent out shortly, including the agenda, and activity for the weekend.

Another Way to Play: Teaching Instrumental Music to Students with Upper Limb Differences

(By Valerie Peters, Andover MA) - Every year, between 1 and 6 in 10,000 children in the United States is born with an upper limb anomaly.1 During childhood, many more lose hands and arms to accidents or disease. These children grow up and enter our classrooms, and as inclusive, innovative Orff-Schulwerk teachers, it is our job to provide them with the most diverse and successful instrumental music experience possible.

Runway of Dreams Clothing Survey

Mindy Scheier, a fashion designer who has turned her attention to create Runway of Dreams, an adaptive clothing line for kids with physical differences (Mindy's son Oliver has Muscular Dystrophy, and his need for pants that fit over his braces inspired her effort). She's looking to accommodate all differences and would like some feedback from us. Could you please take the time to complete this survey and submit.

Richie Parker is a true inspiration! Watch and share this video :)

"We understood some of the dangers (of riding a bike) … but we welded on these extra long handle bars … and after that … he was just a kid riding his bike.” This is a must-see video for everyone (esp. HHF families). Enjoy!

Mom creates Blog about HHF son - "Look what he can do!"

Any Worthingtonites see some familiar faces in their mailbox today? :) Be sure and read the article about Little Alouette just after the one about us, because I wrote it - my first published article! :)Patti Simmons decided to create a blog ( about her 5-year-son, Tate. Every day, she posts a picture of him doing age-appropirate 'normal' things - just like his pals.  Now, every time he starts a new school, she says, "This is a good way to put something out there that he could show other kids or I can send to parents. That way we don't have to do quite as much educating." (excerpt from an article in The Worthington more at:  What a great idea and lots of fun! 

SERIOUSLY! HHF couldn't have asked for better press!!

Our 2013 Winter Outing was the biggest (300+ people) and best ever with four very special guests/speakers: Meg Zucker, Ryan Haack, Tony Memmel and Nick Newell.  If you want to get a feel for what one of these events is REALLY like, read some of the blogs posted by Meg (, Tony ( and Ryan ( Ryan really gets into the meat of the weekend with 3 blogs - one for each day :)  READ MORE...


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